What's a MyJersey?


myjersey /mī/ˈjərzē/ noun - A realistic, life sized, framed graphical representation of one's game jersey from their playing days. Not a real jersey.

The standard dimensions of a MyJersey, regardless of type, is 24 inches wide, by 36 inches tall.  Our newly released MyJersey Squared is 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall.  Through our rigorous prototype process, we found this to by the best size for any jersey to provide the most realism when hanging on your wall.  We do not offer different sizes, as it would compromise the look of our product.
Our product is professionally and custom framed to match our specific sizing needs.  We use a metal, black, satin frame with a thin profile on our Original MyJersey.  It's constructed with a high quality metal hanging wire (see below) on the back.  It's light, yet very solid and sturdy.  It's built to last.  Our newly released MyJersey Squared uses a thick, black grain wood frame.  This gives our Squared product a dimensional look.
The question everyone asks is "Does it REALLY look real?"  Take a look at the details below to see for yourself:
Actual Jersey MyJersey